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15 Days 14 Nights

10 Paragliding Pilots

Paragliding Pilot License required - Beginner Level

November - December

EUR 2.655

Discover unique Flying spots, improve your control, technique and style, develop new skills and dive into the culinary and cultural diversity of an incomparably beautiful Latin country. This tour includes the opportunity to keep family entertained with endless cultural/gastronomic/wellness options!


  • 9 - 23 november 2024


DAY 1 - Welcome to Peru!

Reception at Lima airport and transfer to hotel in Miraflores area. This is a beautiful boutique hotel where we will also have the chance to relax in the shady outdoor area and enjoy world-class snacks and drinks. Buffet breakfasts are included, and sumptuous! The accommodation is within walking distance of our takeoff, and all around us we have a selection of amazing restaurants for every taste possible! Additionally, Miraflores is the tourist district by excellence, this means no shortage of day-and-nighttime activities a short trek away. 

Depending on arrival time we will plan a light itinerary considering everyone may be tired from a long journey. If we feel up to it, a night walk along the coastline of Lima and a hearty first dinner of Peruvian food is planned for our group. 

( Included Meals: None )

DAY 2 - Introduction to Lima

At the local farmer’s market in Surquillo district, we can enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie (prepared from your choice of fruits and many we bet you’ve never seen before!) and discover the endless variety of Peru’s bountiful produce– you will be quite surprised at the diversity! After a fresh and delicious “Ceviche”, Peruvian cuisines’ flagship ambassador, we get to explore our environment and walk up to our takeoff in the district of Miraflores. As soon as the Pacific breeze allows it, we begin with our ground handling practice, and soon also to enjoy the smooth, perfect coastal soaring conditions this place can offer. 

( Included Meals: B/-/- )

DAY 3 - Noise, chaos and curiosity! City exploration

After an early brunch we make our way over to the coast to continue perfecting our technique on the ground and develop further our control through fun and technical ground handling drills. Soaring the beachfront buildings is a highlight of this trip! Everyone will receive a bit of personalized coaching – and a bunch of fun games on the ground to practice diverse essential control skills! To close the evening, we can choose from an ample variety of cultural offerings available between Miraflores and Barranco districts before we choose to have dinner at one of Lima’s top restaurants. 

( Included Meals: B/-/- )

DAY 4 - Vamos a la playa!

Today we wake up early to head to Peru’s wind sports Mecca, Paracas! We will drive off from Lima in our pickup trucks for a journey of approximately 3.5 hours. On the way we can stop for some fresh wood-oven baked flatbreads. After checking in at our beachfront hotel, we’ll go out for lunch at a special location to savor this natural paradises’ trove of amazing fresh seafood. In the afternoon we will enter the natural Reserve to check out what will be our playground for the next days. If conditions allow it, we can have a magical sunset soaring session!

( Included Meals: B/-/- )

DAY 5 - Roots & Reggae

From Paracas we can optionally take an early-morning speedboat to the Ballestas Islands, a nature reserve area and the habitat of unique fauna including Humboldt penguins, sea lions, and a crowd of bird species. This is an optional activity and will be decided by the group. In either case, and after some delicious smoothies at our pilot friend’s Carina’s Fruzion Bar; it’s time for Supay Beach again and more soaring fun. Later in the day we can head over to the local Reggae Pizzeria to debrief and share a hearty meal.

( Included Meals: B/-/- ) (speedboat and docking fees not included)

DAY 6 - Paracas shakin’ the Maracas! 

Another day to take advantage of the wonderful soaring conditions Paracas has on hand! After a flight from a majestic location in the Reserve, we descend to our usual playground Supay Beach to concentrate quite a bit more on everyone’s individual progression, targeting growth areas such as top landing proficiency, control on the ground, high wind safety, and general fun, play and style. Afternoons may be spent on our kitesurfing lessons if we choose to do so or enjoy a relaxed time on the beachfront walkway at Paracas Bay. 

( Included Meals: B/-/- )

DAY 7 - An Oasis for flying Sand Monkeys!

Today we leave Paracas to venture deep into the desert, in order to find a special location full of surprises! Huacachina, an oasis nestled in the Peruvian desert, will be the perfect scenery to shoot some beautiful photos and videos of our pilots while they soar down perfect untouched sand dunes! We will kick off the adventure by riding up the dunes in a high-powered sand-buggy in order to find a pristine sand takeoff.  After flying, Huacachina’s oasis will be the backdrop to enjoy some great Peruvian food! 

( Included Meals: B/-/- )

DAY 8 - Culture and Barefoot Flying

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we return to our now-familiar Supay Beach. We keep working on our individual skills and progression with ever-evolving drills and exercises! As we gain confidence with higher wind speeds and more demanding conditions, everyone will have the chance to learn skills that push their comfort zone and prepare them for more demanding flying! In the afternoon we can go deep into the Reserve to explore a very special sunset location.

( Included Meals: B/-/- )

DAYS 9 - 11

We will utilize the remaining days in Paracas to target individual goals and have everyone gain confidence in their weakest skill areas, be it takeoff, top landing, strong wind, or uphill kiting. We will cater to the group’s interests and provide afternoon activities that everyone can enjoy – among them, optional kitesurf lessons and sunset soaring if the wind allows it.

One of these days can start off with an optional visit to the Paracas site museum to find out more about the ancient cultures that inhabited this Martian landscape. Likewise, there’s lots to learn about the wonderful variety of wildlife that occupies this stretch of desert. (entrance fees not included)

( Included Meals: B/-/- )

DAY 12 - Lima Limón

Back in the cosmopolitan district of Miraflores, we’ll have time to enjoy more of Lima’s hustle and bustle while waiting for perfect conditions at our coastal soaring site. Ground handling, control, and city side soaring are all part of the program! Cultural activities can also be optionally included in today’s program, including a visit to the nearby Chocolate Museum, Inka Market, Museum of Modern Art as well as a variety of nightlife/live music options on hand. *(All activities are optional extras; entrance fees not included) 

( Included Meals: B/-/- )

DAY 13

Free morning for each of us to explore the city, we are always available to provide good options for cultural/food/wellness/shopping visits. If the group agrees on a plan, we can all stick together as well. Our by-now daily routine of afternoon flying at the coast will surely leave us hungry and ready for more amazing food and nighttime fun. We’ve got a big variety of options for all tastes (literally!) so get ready to venture out and discover a lively Latin capital city! 

( Included Meals: B/-/- )

DAY 14

Today we’ll have an early start and drive off early to Pachacamac, a fertile valley 40 minutes south of Lima. This place is different to the coastal soaring sites we have been visiting the past days. Here we will be able to get thermals. After the flight, we have a relaxed afternoon with typical Peruvian Cuisine! Return to Lima at night. 

(Included Meals: B/L/-) (Farewell typical Peruvian Meal included, all are welcome to purchase optional extra drinks for the party on location)

DAY 15

After breakfast, airport transfer. We bid farewell to our newly forged friendships with the promise to meet again soon; to share more airtime, lifetime and playtime; and make some great new memories! 

( Included Meals: B/-/- )

About the Meals:

B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner, - = None)

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